AquaMax B23-F
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AquaMax B23-F

Style, space and comfort, three words to describe the amazing AquaMax B-23F. Stylish – red on black combination never gets old: red leather seating areas fit in perfectly with black interior and teak deck. This boat is a real head turner! Spacious – AquaMax B-23F can safely and comfortably carry up to 12 passengers which makes it a perfect day cruiser for bigger groups. Invite all your friends! Comfortable - specially designed stepped hull in combination with a deep „V“ makes the boat fast but still able to cut through the waves and maintain grip in high speed turns. Rubber chambers are made of top quality Hypalon to soften out any size waves. If you want to go on an adventure, have fun, and look good while at it, this is your boat.

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