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Are you ready for the best time of your lives?

Summer time is upon us and if you are anything like us you are thinking about beaches, parties and patios. Nothing says summer like an epic beach party, complete with booze and beats. No beach is created equal and it can be hard to figure out exactly how you want to spend the party season. There are beaches that are notorious for around the clock non-stop party on the whole beach, while some beaches are known for their exclusive beach clubs. Whether you are looking for a wild romp in the moonlight or a sweaty daytime dance party in the sun, Hvar is the place to be. Our Party tour Hvar will help you keep your party senses sharp and your summer epic. Heard stories about Hvar? About a place where day parties start when you wake up, and night parties end when sun rises? Guess what, it is all true, and you've been missing it the whole time!

Split is the biggest city in Dalmatia and it is right on the coast what makes it the most popular town accommodation vise. Everything starts from Split, and so does this tour.

PRICE 199,00 €

Party tour Hvar includes:
luxury speed boat, private captain, sailor/cocktail lady, cocktails on board (2 per person), tasty home style lunch (fish or meat), private party guide, group discounts and early booking discounts

Party tour Hvar schedule:

*tour is also available from Split, or any other central Dalmatia location

- Latest go-off time from Hvar is 5:30am the next day. You should be at the meeting point at 5:00am, if you are not there by 5:30, the boat will leave without you. It is not the end of the world tho, there are big catamarans going to Split few times a day! - You will get an emergency phone number which you may use only in case of an emergency, do not call the number in the middle of the night just because you're drunk and you think it is a good idea! - You've had too much to drink and you want to sleep in the boat, won't happen. The boat will not even be in Hvar harbor. It's a hot summer night, there are beaches around, improvise!

Carpe Diem/Carpe Diem Beach
This place isn't just a bar, oh no honey - it's got its very own freakin' party island. Carpe Diem bar, smack bang in the middle of the harbor, is where the pretty party people of Hvar can be found sipping on something bubbly from around midnight every night. There's even a MIP (most important person) section where it's only the likes of Jay-Z, Beyonce and Prince Harry who work their way in there. At 1am the Carpe Diem boat gets involved and ferries party people from the bar to the island. This is where things get real. You'll be greeted with fire, palm trees, swimming pools, world-famous DJs, St Tropez style white lounges, outrageous dancers - the whole shebang. It's epic.

Hula Hula beach bar
No matter what day it is, come 6pm Hula Hula, perched up on Hvar's rocky coastline, goes mental. Everyone on the island flocks to the rocks to watch the sun sink into the Adriatic. It is the island's best sunset spot. People even cruise in on their yachts from surrounding islands to anchor up and swim to shore for the party, it's that good. It's a straight from the beach "swimsuit-chic" kinda place, and anything goes. There's a friendly vibe (sometimes too friendly hey boys?!) so prepare to have a new party gang in no time. Grab something strong from the bar (the Negrioni is a guaranteed pleaser) and either kick back on the loungers, join the party animals and get in to the Euro dancing vibe or hell, even get naughty and strip off and jump in the sea. No wonder this is the most popular bar on the island, this place has it all: beats, boys, bikini-clad beach babes and booze. Start here at 6 and whatever your original intention, every night will become party night. You have been warned!

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